Technically Superb.

Superbly Powerful.

Persistence One is operating at the bleeding edge of innovation when it comes to Liquid Staking and Restaking.




IBC Connections



Persistence Coin

Making History With Our Tech.

Pushing boundaries when we commit code.

First chain to adopt the Liquid Staking Module (LSM) in Cosmos

Building the Restaking Infrastructure for Cosmos

Secure infra for modular and smart-contract dApps

Contributing to the Cosmos Hub since 2019

Pioneered ATOM Liquid Staking in 2021

One of the first chains to enable IBC

Audit first, deploy later

Evolving Constantly. Upgrading Securely.


Launched secure and decentralized DYDX Liquid Staking, improved on-chain security monitoring and simplified the XPRT governance process.


Enabled support for the Liquid Staking Module (LSM) to convert natively staked ATOM in liquid staked stkATOM in a single click without 21-day unbonding.


Added 5 new modules like IBC Hooks, Packet Forwarding, Skip Protocol, and updated 6 existing modules to make the Persistence One chain a technical leader in Cosmos.


Improved security measures for Liquid Staking on Persistence One.


Added Inter Chain Queries (ICQ) and the pSTAKE Module to launch native Liquid Staking.

Building Blocks of the
Liquid Staking Economy

Interblockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)

Persistence One is connected to 54 Cosmos app chains to trustlessly communicate, transfer tokens, liquid stake and restake tokens.

Interchain Accounts (ICA)

Chain Abstraction enables cross-chain execution on chains like Neutron right from Persistence One.

Liquid Staking Module (LSM)

LSTfi applications like instant transfer of staked XPRT tokens between wallets are possible only on Persistence One.

Restaking Module

Restake anything on Persistence One like LSTs, Stablecoins, and LP tokens of leading DEXs to improve chain security and earn extra yields.

CometBFT Consensus

Short block times and instant finality handles the transaction demand on Persistence One while upholding security.


Smart contracts can be deployed on Persistence One in a fast, semi-permissioned, and interoperable manner.